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Meet the Team

Kevin Greenwood

Founder and CEO

Stage Tops USA (previously known as “World Show International”) was founded in Los Angeles in the year of 1996. Over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with some of the best in this industry. I’ve worked with trussing and staging companies, production managers, designers, local hands & riggers. Some of the stage installations were done at heights you couldn’t imagine, I’ve been with them on top of roofs that have been locked off at 45’ and up.

I’ve spent thousands of hours learning and discussing with managers and crew about making roof skins, wind walls, F.O.H., digital and non-digital scrims better in quality and appearance whilst always keeping in mind the safety of a touring stage. Our partners often call us for advice on the best way to handle a scrim in bad weather so the panels could be brought down safe and quick without sending a rigger to cut them down. We also manufacture our Roof Skins to help with wind loads.

In a nutshell; we pride ourselves in Soft Goods Manufacturing and with our experience over the past 25 years we’ve acquired the skills needed to create enduring soft goods that combine beauty and utility.

Of course, all this would not be possible without the backing and support of my staff and our families. Without them, Stage Tops would not be what it is today. We stand by our clients and products and are available 24/7. Thank you all!

Arous Maronyan

CAD & Graphic Design

Back in 1996, I had just finished taking AutoCAD classes in a local college, when Kevin asked me to join WSI in Los Angeles. I was not exactly sure about what was involved in preparing design & production drawings for the sewing department, but curiosity overtook my fears and I agreed.

All projects require detailed drawings for tailoring the fabric to fit the frame, very much like a custom tailored suit, and that is exactly what I strive to do. Now, more than 12 years since the start, I can say two things for sure: I love what I do, and I learn new things with every project.

Melitos Maronyan

Graphic Design & Website