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End-of-Season Maintenance

We offer end-of-season maintenance for roof skins, wind walls, scrims and other soft goods.

The process is:
- Thorough cleaning with detergent
- Buffing of the surface
- Goods are hung and inspected for pin holes, tears and damages, then marked accordingly
- All holes and tears are repaired
- Torn webbing, lace or keder beads (10 or 13mm) and grommets are replaced

After this, your goods are ready to endure another season. This is an important step in making sure your investment lasts long & looks good. Looking good is important in the event industry. Over the years we’ve had clients with skins that have lasted for over 12 years. Even if you have never used us before or purchased your soft goods from us, we would be glad to help you. Call or e-mail us for a price quote, Our prices are based on sq. ft.